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3/1 – Day Advanced Coastal Cruising or 106

Cruise a sailboat during nighttime hours in most wind and sea conditions.
A Private Live Aboard Class is held aboard our Catalina 30 or  Irwin 34
Offered all year on demand based on your travel plans.

3 Days and 3 Nights…Privately Living Aboard
Additional Nights Aboard are $150
Check in 3PM - 5PM  Check out by 10AM

 * Enjoy 3 Full Days of Instruction and 1 more Day of Bareboat Cruising * 
* Practice first hand what you just learned and Sail on Day 4 for FREE! *

With prior 101 - 105 Certification you’ll learn about…

  • Onboard Safety Gear
  • Rigging the Boat for Night Sailing
  • Assessing the Wind Speed & Direction at Night
  • Tacking & Gybing in Rough Seas
  • Helming in a Following Sea
  • Analyzing Sail Shape & Trim at Night 
  • Various Anchoring Situations  
  • Maneuvering in Confined Areas
    While under Sail or Power at Night
  • Man Overboard Recovery Techniques At Night
  • Sailing in a Small Craft Advisory or Worse  
  • Lights Configurations on Various Boats
  • Distress Signals for Day and Night
  • Night time Coastal Piloting & Navigation
  • Onboard System Failures
  • Cruise Planning  
  • VHF Radio and Emergency Proceedures
  • Single Handed Sailing Techniques

With prior 101-105 Certifications and 500 previous sailing hours you’ll learn about…

18 - 24 hours on the water…SAILING… Mainly at Night!
2 Hours in the Classroom…for the Written Exam
 106 Certification
Linens & Towels are provided…Provisions are not included

This is a Private... 3 Day &  3 Night Live Aboard Sailing Class
and 1 more additional Day of Sailing... FREE!

 $1995 per person   Couples are… $2495 for 2 people!
105 Coastal Navigation -  Home Study - $150 per person

Persons Aboard

Please contact for special pricing, availability, and 25% reservation deposit prior to booking.